4th Conference of General Federation of Oman Workers

Muscat: The Conference opened under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saidi, Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, in the presence of a number of Excellencies, distinguished judges, and representatives of the Arab, regional and international labour organizations.

It is being participated by over 290 male and female trade unionists, members of the General Assembly of the Federation representing 142 trade unions, and 5 trade unions in the oil and gas, industry, construction, tourism and electricity sectors.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Nabhan bin Ahmed al Battashi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation, said, “We have focused, in this election cycle, on discussing the new draft labour law, the law on the social protection system, the job security system, and on developing legislation that guarantees the rights of non-Omani workers. We hope that the next phase of the life of the General Union will characterize the regulatory and legislative framework for labour relations, which Achieving the common interest of the parties.

“We have succeeded, thanks to trade union leaders, in defending the basic, economic and social rights of workers, and in bringing respect to fraternal and friendly workers’ organizations. On this path, we prefer our realistic work in raising issues and addressing them with partners and the renewed ambition to improve the environmental, material and moral conditions of workers with thought and assistance.

“We have worked on developing the trade union movement through implementing a training of trainers program in order to enhance affiliation and consolidate the concept of dialogue and trade union organization.

“We believed that knowledge is the first way to act in reality and influence it, so we established within our federation, with the support of local and international partners, a training system whose axes we chose in connection with the tasks before the trade union movement.”

H.E. Sheikh Nasser bin Showain Al Hosni, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour for Labour, said, “The Union has an important pioneering role in participating in drafting terms of reference for updating the Labour Law. Efforts that have been made recently to prepare a project to update this law to keep pace with current and future economic, social and developmental developments.”

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