Al Suwjara village in Jabal Akhdar undergoes rehabilitation work

MUSCAT : The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism revealed its efforts to develop the village of Al Suwjara in the Wilayat of Jabal Akhdar in Al-Dakhiliyah Governorate, by exploiting the diversity of natural, cultural and heritage vocabulary to turn it into a tourist product that attracts visitors from all over the world.

The village preserves its stunning natural splendor and ancient history, which extends for more than 450 years, and continues to tell its story through its carved walls and rocks that have become part of its historical heritage. It was uprooted more than 80 years ago due to rain.

Sultan bin Jamil Al-Makhmari, Head of the Tourism Experience Development Department at the Ministry, stated that the development efforts included the use of rocky slopes – on which parts of the village were built using natural resources such as rocks, trees and materials used in building mountain huts – to pave the path and install seating areas for rest, in addition to protections in some parts of the path through the ancient alleys and passages, viewing platforms and garbage containers.

He explained that the village is characterized by many elements that qualify it as a distinctive tourist destination that embodies the ancient rural lifestyle in the Sultanate of Oman, and benefits from the mountainous nature to provide a unique tourist experience with the aesthetics of the quaint village and the creativity in its traditional architecture.

The rehabilitation project is set to provide avenues for family trips, recreation, self-discovery, and multiple experiences and adventures.

The Ministry, in cooperation with a local company in the village, has also installed panels for the trees in the village, drawing on the expertise of specialists in the Omani Botanical Garden in this aspect.

The project is expected to provide more unique tourism experiences for visitors during the subsequent stages, such as activities and educational workshops for learning carving on rocks and woods, and making traditional Omani coffee, in addition to visiting the natural attractions that the village embraces.
The village of Al Suwjara has recorded more than 5,000 visitors since last year until the present.

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