An Omani student company creates environment friendly flexible glass

MUSCAT : The team explained that the innovative product is designed to reduce the proportion of harmful polyethylene plastic and to damages caused breakage of ordinary glasses, which are generally fragile.

Anfal bint Hussain Al-Nofaliya of the company pointed out that the product is also priced low, with high quality. She explained that the idea of creating the product came with the aim of creating environmentally friendly and sustainable glass, as the existing ordinary glass cannot withstand high pressure and high temperatures; it is fragile and can cause harm when it falls and shatters.

She indicated that the company worked on creating glass that is more tolerant of high temperatures and high pressure, while being light in weight and low in cost.

She expressed hope that the innovation finds financial support and a site for production, and a place in the local and even global markets.

The team includes Mahmoud bin Hamad Al-Jamudi, Anfal bint Hussein Al-Nawfaliya, Muhammad bin Amer Al-Esayi, Ibtihal bint Khalfan Al-Saeedia, Abdul-Wahhab bin Ahmed Al-Qartoubi, and Al-Walid bin Tawfiq Al-Rawahi.

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