Barzman unveils revolutionary label-less bottle concept in Oman

MUSCAT: In a momentous stride towards global sustainability standards, Barzman proudly presents its groundbreaking Label-Less Bottle concept, underscoring its steadfast commitment to align with Oman’s 2050 environmental sustainability goals.

This visionary approach not only showcases Barzman’s continuous improvement policy but also marks a paradigm shift in eco-friendly packaging innovations across the GCC.

The Honourable Saif Mohamad Khatrosh Alnoumani, Chairman of International Foods & Beverages LLC, unveiled the innovative design of the product. This momentous occasion took place in the presence of a wide range of officials from various relevant government and private agencies at the headquarters of the Barzman National LLC.

The Label-Less Bottle concept signifies a leap towards streamlining the recycling process, with this Barzman boldly eliminating foreign materials like OPP labels and glue. By doing so, the company prioritizes environmental sustainability, fostering ease in PET bottle recycling, and laying the groundwork for a more efficient circular economy.

Commenting on this revolutionary initiative, Ahmed Al Hajri, General Manager of International Foods & Beverages LLC, remarked, “Barzman’s research outcomes on the label-less bottle concept reflect the unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. By boldly reducing plastic use and simplifying the recycling process, aims to contribute to a cleaner and greener future for the GCC community and beyond.”

This pioneering move aims to revolutionize the PET bottle recycling landscape, presenting a bottle-to-bottle recycling opportunity that promotes rPET usage for environmental sustainability at every stage. Recognizing PET as an economically viable and hygienic material, Barzman’s move showcases the low carbon footprint associated with environmental friendly PET recycling, surpassing traditional alternatives like glass bottles and aluminum cans.

Over the past decades, Barzman has consistently performed eco-friendly packaging solutions, introducing short-neck bottles to effectively reduce over 20% of plastics in bottled water production. Additionally, the company has initiated various lightweighting initiatives to contribute significantly to the reduction of plastic waste.

In tandem with these eco-friendly packaging initiatives, Barzman integrates lean methodologies into its operations, emphasizing efficiency and energy savings. By adopting best practices, the company optimizes processes to minimize environmental impact, aligning with its broader strategy for responsible resource utilization and carbon footprint reduction.

By embracing a sustainable circular PET bottled water economy, Barzman is paving the way for a brighter, more eco-conscious future. The exclusive introduction of the label-less bottle concept will be initially presented to selected parties, reflecting Barzman’s commitment to roll out this groundbreaking concept gradually and responsibly.

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