Clarification issued on quality of drinking water in Oman

Muscat: Oman Water and Wastewater Services Company (OWSSC) has issued a clarification regarding a video clip circulating on social media about the quality of drinking water. The company confirms that the water quality adheres to the Omani standard specifications for unbottled drinking water.

 According to the observations and inquiries that have reached the company and what is being circulated about the quality of the water provided by the company, the company said in a statement: “The company has received communication related to water quality. The specialised technical team will verify and perform the necessary checks. The company confirms that the water that reaches consumers, conforms to the Oman standard specification for unbottled drinking water No. 201218.”

 The company assured that it will make sure that it works with the competent authorities to ensure adherence to the highest standards and specifications approved in this regard and calls on the subscribers to periodically check the efficiency of the internal water connections in homes and facilities. Periodic cleaning of the water tank is also advised, as the physical properties of water change due to stagnation for long periods.  

For any comments or inquiries, please contact the call centre directly on the number 1442.

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