Did you receive ‘Emergency Alert’ on your phone today? Don’t panic, says Oman’s TRA

Muscat: Did you receive an alert on the phone for the early warning service on Tuesday? There is no need to panic as authorities are working on a trial run to activate an early-warning system that can caution you of extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, tsunamis, heavy rains, strong winds, and poor horizontal vision.

The early warning service experiment is being done by Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the telecom services providers Ooredoo and Omantel.

Several residents in Muscat confirmed to the The Arabian Stories about receiving the trial alert on their mobile around 10 am on Tuesday. Residents will receive the alert in four languages — Arabic, English, Hindi, and Urdu.

In an online announcement, TRA stated: ‘Realistic experiences of early warning broadcast service via mobile phones today in Muscat Governorate.
‘The form of the experiment:

  • Warning messages about a specific emergency in record time
  • Custom ringtones appear on the phone automatically
    ‘The needed action: Ensure that the message has been received by clicking on the link in the content of the warning message.’

TRA called on people who have not received the warning trial message to register in the following link – https://eqp.datamining.om/estebyan/EarlyWarningBroadcast

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