Eid al-Fitr shopping bustle brightens Ibri’s traditional market

MUSCAT : The festive spirit of Eid Al Fitr has brought a surge of shoppers from villages and towns across the Al Dhahirah Governorate to Al Habta.

The exhibits are varied during this year’s Eid, the most notable of which is local and imported livestock of various types, including sheep, cows and camels, as breeders from Ibri, Dank, Yanqul and neighboring governorates showcase their prized stock for sale through spirited bidding.

Beyond procuring livestock for festive feasts, shoppers seek out traditional local products essential for Eid celebrations. From aromatic spices and garlic to luscious fruits, dates, and Omani sweets, these items form the cornerstone of Omani hospitality and are carefully selected to adorn Eid tables for visiting guests.
In addition to culinary delights, the market buzzes with activity surrounding traditional jewelry, including daggers, sticks, and women’s handicrafts. These ornamental treasures add a touch of splendor to Omani attire, enhancing the festive atmosphere and elevating the spirit of Eid.

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