Elderly enjoy special status in Omani society

Geneva: The Sultanate of Oman welcomed the report of the Human Rights Council’s expert tasked with monitoring the rights of elderly people worldwide.

First Secretary Sarah Abdullah Al Balushi, member of the Omani Permanent Mission at the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, said in a speech before the Human Rights Council that the elderly enjoy special status in Omani society, since they constitute the core component of families, as well as the community’s innate social, cultural anOman ranks high in geriatric cared religious repertory.

She pointed out that the family care model in Oman stems from deep-rooted values enshrined in Arab and Islamic culture embraced by generations of citizens.

Omani government exerted extensive efforts to provide necessary support for elderly people who lack relatives. It provided social, health, psychological care and entertainment through programme offered by the Social Care Home, said Sarah Al Balushi.

She added that these services are provided within the context of the National Geriatric Care Programme conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Omani Association for Elderly Friends.

The Omani official touched on aspects of cooperation with the Human Rights Council, which, she said, provides training for caretakers attending the elderly and ensuring that they enjoy their full rights.

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