Electronic monitoring of food activities in Dhofar Governorate

MUSCAT : The Dhofar Municipality has announced its intent to implement electronic control of food activities in the Governorate, and has called on targeted activities to place a minimum 32-inch television screen in the dining halls, so that customers can view food and beverage preparation in real time.

As part of the first phase of the project, restaurants, cafes, bakeries and kitchens are required to install HD surveillance cameras at food and beverage preparation areas. All the existing activities that targeted in the first phase will be given a deadline from May 15, 2023 to August 15, 2023, to implement this decision.

Through this, the Municipality aims to utilize modern technologies to streamline and enhance control work processes: develop the food work system, reduce violations, and raise the efficiency of self-health control.

Besides, it will assist in observing the conduct and performance of food preparation and cooking staff and in organizing work and maintaining the safety of visitors to food outlets and food safety, besides ensuring food safety and quality. It will also establish qualification of health requirements for food trading activity.
The Municipality further stated that for new licenses in targeted activities (in first phase), compliance with the conditions is required before issuing the municipal license.

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