Fine up to OMR 1,000 for abandoning cars in Oman

MUSCAT : The Muscat Municipality has called on motorists to refrain from parking vehicles for long periods and warned of fines ranging from OMR 200 to OMR 1,000 on offenders.

As per Article 5 of the Administrative Resolution No. 171/2018 issued to regulate abandoned vehicles in public places in Muscat Governorate, an administrative fine will be levied on the owner after confiscating the neglected vehicle. The amount is OMR 200 for cars and buses designed to transport 15 passengers or less, and bicycles, and OMR 400 for trucks and buses designed to transport More than 15 passengers, locomotives, trailers, tractors, and equipment.

A fine of OMR 1000 will be levied for vehicle intended to transport hazardous materials.

The Municipality of Muscat, represented by various municipalities of various wilayats, has monitored a number of violations during the first quarter of 2023. The Bausher Municipality recorded the largest number of violations, as the number of cars towed reached 42, followed by the Municipality of Seeb, where 17 cars were towed; 128 notices were issued to demonstrate the urgency of moving abandoned cars before taking action on them.

Almost 20 notices were registered in Amerat and two cars towed; in Muttrah, the number of vehicles towed reached 5 cars, and 19 notices stuck on abandoned vehicles.

Article 3 of the Resolution clarifies that the municipality shall place a warning sticker on vehicles left in public places in a manner that distorts the general view; Article 4 indicates that the municipality may withdraw and seize abandoned vehicles in public places at the expense of the owner after the expiration of 14 fourteen days from the date of placing the warning sticker on it. The municipality bears no responsibility for damages to the neglected vehicle during its transportation.

“The danger of parking cars in a place, and not disposing them for a long time, is disturbing for road users whose traffic is hindered by the presence of trucks or cars parked in their daily path or near the entrances and exits of residential neighborhoods. This deprives individuals of the right to benefit from public parking, which represents an infringement of the public right,” stated Municipality.

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