First in GCC: NWS launches water meter service in Oman

Muscat – The innovative initiative aims to empower subscribers with greater organization, determination, and control over their water usage.
Announcing the launch of the service, Qais bin Saud Al Zakwani, CEO of Nama Water Services revealed that the installation of these cutting-edge meters will commence initially in Muscat Governorate.
As per the set specifications, customers can request a change to the smart meter at no extra cost, other than the standard connection fee.

The CEO explained that the meters underwent experimental stages before the launch to ensure their efficacy; employees of the Company were also trained to handle the new technology and be prepared to find appropriate solutions in the event of any challenges during the initial phase.
He also pointed out that the prepaid water meters operate with IoT (Internet of Things) technology and through a smart system that connects them to the Company’s subscriber services systems via satellite. The meters are programmed to send updates every hour, which include the main data, covering the amount of water consumed and the remaining amount of the balance that was charged.
Besides, the meter contains a digital screen that displays this data to the subscriber to ensure their awareness regarding the consumption. Customers can not only manage their meters electronically, they can also replace existing meters, check balance credit and monitor water consumption. They can even go back to the traditional billing system by simply changing the settings through the mobile App or the electronic platform.
As per the fixed tariffs, subscribers can top up their meters for amounts ranging from RO 5 to RO 100 and from RO 10 to RO 500 for commercial connections. The meters are programmed to automatically restart after recharge, if the same has been disconnected owing to a low balance. However, the smart meter will also send SMS alerts in the event of low balance.

Following the launch in Muscat, Nama Water Company plans to extend this service across all other governorates, as part of the efforts made by the company to improve the level of services provided to subscribers.


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