First Omani mobile app for people with hearing disabilities wins award

MUSCAT– Sultan bin Nasser Al Ameri, supervisor of the Omani Sign Translation application, classified the application as a link between people with hearing disabilities and the speaking people through direct sign translation.

He explained that the application provides a number of services represented in simultaneous interpretation via visual communication to empower people with hearing disabilities; it increases their self-confidence, provides an interactive communication environment and a bridge that ensures the delivery of written and audio content in a smooth, accurate and timely manner through sign translation experts.

He pointed out that the application targets people with disabilities (hearing or visual) and those wishing to learn sign language, as the number of users of the simultaneous sign translation service through visual communication has reached more than 3,835 users, while the number of visual content services translated into sign language has reached more than 742; the number of printed materials prepared in sign language via (QR-Code) amounted to more than 90. He explained that the application is available on (IOS) and (Android) and is available with institutional subscriptions to the services included in the application.

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