‘Food Safety Week 2024’ begins in Muscat with focus on risk assessment

Muscat – The opening ceremony, held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Hilal bin Ali Al Sabti, Minister of Health, launched a series of activities aimed at building and enhancing human resources capabilities and developing available resources to keep pace with rapid developments in food manufacturing.

The week-long event aims to highlight food-related risks and enhance awareness and knowledge among all sectors of society, including producers, processors, transporters, sellers, and consumers, emphasizing the importance of food safety and quality in safeguarding public health.

Dr. Hussein bin Samh Al Masrouri, Director General of the Food Safety and Quality Center, emphasized in his speech the responsibility shared by all to reconsider practices and anticipate the long-term impact of daily choices on food safety.

Dr. Al Masrouri stressed the importance of preventive measures and good manufacturing practices in averting food-related risks. He highlighted the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources in rehabilitating food establishments across Oman and enhancing the quality standards through the development of food safety systems.

He also outlined the comprehensive approach adopted by the Ministry to ensure food safety, which includes monitoring primary production sources such as farms and fishing vessels, as well as accrediting food establishments outside Oman to uphold relevant food safety systems.

The first day of the ‘Food Safety Week 2024’, witnessed three dialogue sessions, covering topics such as risk assessment in food regulatory decisions and good practices in fish farming. Additionally, a forum brought together food laboratory workers to discuss and coordinate efforts in dealing with food-related risks.

The Week’s activities will include workshops involving intellectuals, researchers, and innovators to address challenges faced by the sector and explore innovative solutions contributing to economic development. A hackathon for food safety and quality will also take place, focusing on advancing food safety practices.

The activities of the Week will extend beyond Muscat to various governorates of Oman, in collaboration with institutions dedicated to food safety and consumer health, emphasizing a collective effort towards ensuring the highest standards of food safety and quality across the nation.

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