Greater Muscat project to be completed in early 2023

MUSCAT: The prestigious Great Muscat project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023, earlier than the deadline, according to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning on Thursday.

The ministry organized a workshop on the ‘Greater Muscat’ master plan which reviewed the progress of the first and second phases which saw collecting and analyzing data. The spotlight in the third phase will be on structural plans.

The challenges facing urban growth and development opportunities that can be exploited with the aid of a set of basic inputs to build a high-standard master plan came up during the discussion.

The seminar, attended by at least 100 participants from stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, discussed the natural and historical advantages, alternative and effective means of transportation, and increasing density for sustainable growth, quality of services, reducing the risks of climate change, benefiting from the coasts, and exploiting valleys as green infrastructure.

Greater Muscat is one of the main development drivers that is witnessing significant economic and population growth.
Greater Muscat is based on a diversified economic base with its integration with parts of Barka.

Key sectors such as knowledge and innovation economy, financial and service logistics tourism and industry will play crucial roles which will make Muscat, in particular, and the Sultanate, in general, to become a leading city at both regional and global levels. The natural characteristics of Muscat will make it a more attractive place to live, work and visit.

The Ministry is currently working on preparing the structural plan for Greater Muscat, which is one of the most important implementation projects of the urban strategy and aims to provide development for urban areas that includes use of land, distribution of population, economic growth, integration of public transport network, sustainable green spaces that support community prosperity and protect the natural environment.

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