Groundwater recharge dam in Wadi Imti enhances water reserves in Oman

Muscat – The Ministry is also carrying out a series of aflaj maintenance projects in various governorates, as per its plan to serve citizens and residential communities, irrigate cultivated areas, and contribute to the development and enhancement of water resources.

This move aims to contribute to long-term water security while preserving a unique element of Oman’s water management heritage.

A prime example of the Ministry’s commitment to water management is the groundwater recharge dam in Wadi Imti. Constructed in 2014 on the main stream of Wadi Imti, approximately two kilometers above the village of Imti in the Izki Wilayat of Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, the dam serves as a tributary to Wadi Halfin.

It covers an area of about 52 square kilometers and has a storage capacity of approximately 0.7 million cubic meters. With a length of 145 meters and a maximum height of 17.5 meters above the ground, the dam is equipped with a spillway, cooling basin, and drain hole, enhancing its functionality and efficiency.

Engineer Youssef bin Masoud bin Ali Al Mandhari, Director of the Dams Department, emphasized that the primary objective of the Wadi Imti Dam is to bolster the groundwater reserve of Izki, thereby increasing the water levels in wells and aflaj  across the region.

The Wadi Imti Dam not only serves as a critical component of water infrastructure but also stands as a tourist attraction, drawing visitors, especially during flood seasons. It underscores Oman’s commitment to enhancing water resources, strengthening the agricultural sector, and improving the overall water situation in the region.

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