Hungarian and Oman Chamber’s top officials’ meeting focuses on trade and cultural relations

Today, a high-level Hungarian Government delegation led by Lorand Krisztian Lang, GCC Head of operation of (HEPA) Hungarian Export Promotion Agency, met the chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce, HE Engineer Redha Juma Mohamed Ali Al-Saleh, in his office. Prominent Pakistani businessman Hameed Ahmed Baloch and Syed Imtiaz Ali Gilani were also present in the meeting.

During the meeting, it was discussed in detail and agreed by both parties to focus on to further improve the commercial and cultural relations between Oman & Hungary in the future.

HE Engineer Redha Juma Mohamed Ali Al-Saleh said, “We need full cooperation between both countries to provide local companies a clear path to innovate new ideas of doing trade and a combine mechanism of analyzing market demands so businesses can thrive”. Further HE Engineer Redha Juma Mohamed Ali Al-Sale praised Syed Imtiaz Ali Gilani for his untiring efforts for the promotion of tri-countries business relations between Oman, Hungary and Pakistan and said Syed Imtiaz Ali Gilani is the spirit of all these efforts.

Lorand Krisztian assured HE Engineer Redha Juma Mohamed Ali Al-Saleh, Hameed Ahmed Baloch, Syed Imtiaz Ali Gilani that his presence in Oman advocates the future success of the trilateral business relation between the countries and offered his sincere thanks to HE Engineer Redha Juma for giving opportunity for robust discussion to improve business relations.

Hameed Ahmed Baloch also express his views to enhance the relationship between these countries in next level to boost and increase the trilateral trade volume to participate the economic growth of the countries.

At the end of the meeting, gifts were exchanged between HE Engineer Redha Juma Mohamed Ali Al-Saleh and Lorand Krisztian Lang. Chairman Oman Chamber of Commerce presented Souvenir to Hameed Ahmed Baloch and Syed Imtiaz Ali Gilani from Oman Chamber of Commerce and appreciated them once again for their role to boost the relations among these three countries.

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