Indian School Al Maabela celebrates new era of student leadership: Investiture Ceremony 2024

Muscat: On May 22, 2024, Indian School Al Maabela hosted a resplendent Investiture Ceremony at the  school’s Multi-Purpose Hall. Gracing the occasion as Chief Guest was Mr. Omar Sulaiman Al  Bahri, General Manager, Corporate Techno Plastic Industry SAOC. He was joined by the  Guest of Honour, Mr. Ahmed Al Hajri, General Manager, International Food and Beverages  Company, Barzman, who offered his felicitations and congratulated the ceremonial heads,  council members and prefects.  

Esteemed Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman, and the  Director-in-Charge of ISAM, Mr. Syed Salman, graced the occasion with his presence. The  solemn presence of the President of the School Management Committee, Mr. Shamim  Hussain and other esteemed members of the SMC of ISAM, Mr. Syed Najeeb Rafiq, Dr.  Masood Alam and Mrs. Pallavi Venkat Rao, added to the grandeur of the occasion. The  stirring renditions of the Omani and Indian national anthems resonated through the hall,  highlighting ISAM’s respect for its host nation and its own heritage. 

A touch of solemnity accompanied the traditional Lighting of the Lamp and Presentation of  Bouquets, setting the stage for the formal proceedings. The Principal of ISAM, Mr. Parveen  Kumar addressed the gathering and he emphasized ISAM’s commitment to nurturing young  leaders and fostering a culture of excellence. 

The highlight of the ceremony was the induction of student representatives across all grades.  Notably, Master Asish Manu Mathew and Miss Suveeksha Sanjay Shanbhag assumed the  roles of Head Boy and Head Girl, embodying the ideals of integrity, resilience, and service  that ISAM seeks to cultivate. 22 ceremonial heads and 8 captains and vice captains from the  senior section, 13 ceremonial heads and 8 captains and vice captains, 16 student ministers, 32  class prefects and 32 members of student parliament from the middle section, and 4  ceremonial heads and 9 blossoms from the primary section took the oath from the principal.  

The Chief Guest, Mr. Omar Sulaiman Al Bahri’s insightful address captivated the audience,  urging students to embrace challenges with courage and conviction. Mr. Syed Salman, Vice  Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a powerful speech underscoring the  importance of leadership in shaping the future. The School Choir’s captivating performance  added a touch of artistic brilliance, leaving a lasting impression of joy and unity. This was  followed by the Oath Acceptance speech by Miss Suveeksha Shanbhag, the Head Girl, Senior  Section. 

A heartfelt Vote of Thanks acknowledged the tireless efforts behind the scenes. The  ceremony concluded with the School Anthem.

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