Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir bids farewell to the outgoing batch

MUSCAT : Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir bid a fond farewell to the students of class 12 of the outgoing batch of 2022-23, on 2nd February 2023 at the  senior school campus. Mr. Praveen Kumar, Chief Finance Officer, OHI  Group of Companies, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman was the Chief Guest for the  evening’s program. Other dignitaries present at the ceremony were Sheikh  Shri Anil Khimji, chief patron, Mr. Kiran Asher, Group Managing Director at  Al Ansari Group of Companies, Mr. Rajendra Ved-Executive Director of  ISWK and ISWK International school management committees and Mr.  Alkesh Joshi, Hon. President of the school management committee of ISWK.  Vice Principals, heads of various departments, coordinators, teachers,  parents of the outgoing batch and the students of class 12 were all present on  the campus to witness the grand ceremony.  

The farewell ceremony was presided over by the honorable Chief Guest, Mr.  Praveen Kumar who kindled the auspicious lamp along with the school  principal Mr. D N Rao, other esteemed dignitaries, the head boy and head  girl of the outgoing batch. To shower their blessings on the students, a prayer  song was sung by the beloved teachers. By way of cordially welcoming the  Chief Guest, a potted plant was presented by the deputy head boy – Master  Vardhan Dhat and deputy head girl – Miss Joanna Liz Varughese. An  enthralling fusion dance performance was staged to welcome the august  gathering. 

Soon after the dance performance, Mr. Alkesh Joshi, Hon. President of ISWK  welcomed the audience and wished all the students the very best for their  board examinations. The highlight of the graduation ceremony was the  announcement on the coveted Kanaksi Khimji Merit Scholarship which has been initiated by the school management committee of ISWK to recognize students for excellence in Academics, Sports and Co-curricular activities  respectively. He also announced the names of the proud recipients of the  scholarship from class XII – Ashly Skariah, Kris Thomas, Drisya Manoj,  Brijesh Kara S, Pranav Jois and Shaan Shetal Vora (Academics); Lael Alva,  Khushi Dilipkumar Derai and Pavan Sundar (Co-scholastic); Dhruti and  Purva Dilip Somvanshi (Games and Sports). 

The Chief Guest, Mr. Praveen Kumar, Sheikh Shri Anil Khimji, Mr. Kiran  Asher and Mr. Rajendra Ved gave away the KKS Merit Scholarships to 11 students of class XII. A total of 42 students have been identified as winners  of the prestigious scholarships across classes VI to XII.  

In the next segment of the ceremony, 5 students were felicitated with the  Special Awards by the honorable Chief Guest Mr. Praveen Kumar. The  recipients are Miss. Fathima Namra, Achiever of the Year (Commerce), Master Shaan Shetal Vora (Science) ; Ideal student – Miss. Lavina E D’souza  and Pavan Sundar (Commerce) and Miss Gayathri Hari (Science). 

In the following memorable and emotional segment of the program, the  students of class 12 came up to the dias to be blessed by their parents. The  Chief Guest then addressed the graduating class by emphasizing on the  ‘Success of ISWK’. He spoke from his own experiences and advised the  students that instead of fearing the uncertain, they should embrace the  challenges in life. He stressed on the need for the key 5 ‘C’s (curiosity,  courage, confidence, courteousness and seeking counsel) to succeed in their  new chapter of life. 

A deeply inspirational speech was delivered by the Principal, Mr. D N Rao.  He wished them luck in their future endeavors. Soon after the Principal’s  address, the ISWK ALUMNI ASSOCIATION was launched by the President of the Alumni Association, Mr. Antony Kallukaran with signing of the charter  by Mr. Alkesh Joshi, Hon. President of ISWK, Mr. Binay Shukla, esteemed member of the SMC and the Principal Mr. D N Rao. 

The event was made memorable by the outgoing Head Boy, Master Lael Alva and Head Girl, Miss Gayathri Hari through their speeches which were replete  with the recollections that poignantly portrayed the emotions of leaving their  alma mater after a childhood spent in its loving portals. As a token of love  and gratitude, the Chief Guest was presented with a memento by Mr. Alkesh  Joshi. Thereafter, Mr. Praveen Kumar clad in the ceremonial graduation  gown along with the esteemed members of the SMC, Principal and Vice – 

Principal presented the certificates and mementos to all the outgoing  students.  

The school choir rendered a touching song, ‘Those were the days my friend’, that captivated the gathering and made the graduating batch immerse in an  ambience of nostalgia. The program concluded with the vote of thanks and a rendition of the National Anthem of India. It was an occasion for the  outgoing students to look ahead with pride in themselves as every ending has  a new beginning, and hope to succeed in life’s journey. 

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