Introducing Sufred, Oman’s very own Twitter-like platform

MUSCAT: “The idea of its (Sufred) creation is based on the reality of the ordeal that most users have experienced from one of the well-known applications on social media – due to its closure and ban on user accounts without prior notice. So, I decided to establish this application to be more flexible in dealing and to protect user privacy,” says Raisi.

A graduate of business administration from the University of Arkansas in the United States, Raisi relied on his extensive knowledge in IT and marketing to create an organic social media platform titled ‘Sufred’, modeled on the lines of Twitter, to cater to local users seeking a refreshing alternative to the global platform.

Introduced in August last year, Sufred is steadily gaining attention from digitally savvy users, who are charmed by the idea of having a localized social media platform. Having his own servers, domain registrations and sites, Raisi used his qualifications and diplomas in IT and marketing to better understand the ICT sector to set up the platform.

Highlighting the features of Sufred, he states: “Sufred is a social networking and news site, where people communicate in short messages called posts. In addition to having written conversations or chats, the platform allows further interaction with uploads of photos and videos.

“Sufred allows posts of up to 500 characters, as against 280 on Twitter; it is responsive and beautiful with modern design. Users can upload images, videos, audios and documents from their device and import GIFs from the internet. It has a chat system, day and night modes, notifications system, like and comment system, with options for post sharing and reposting.”

It offers users choice to embed videos, record voice, enjoy profile privacy, avail RTL language support, multi theme support, GDPR compliance and SEO friendly optimization, among a host of other features.

Raisi’s target audience for Sufred includes members of the public and private sectors, as well as writers and intellectuals. As he states, “freedom of expression is open.”

So, how does he plan to enhance users’ social media experience?

“I will add the wallet feature soon, and the user can earn some money from the site; without interaction on the site or support from a specific party, the site will not be able to face future challenges,” he explains.

With the site drawing attention of the local news media, there has been renewed interest from users. Raisi is happy with the attention and understands the initial hesitancy among the public as it is a new site and it is common for people to follow the wait and watch policy.

With his platter filled with limitless ideas and creativity, Raisi has several aces up his sleeve.

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