Investigation into cause behind power cut begins

Muscat: The Public Services Regulatory Authority,(PSRA), announced the start of the investigation into the causes of the power outage yesterday, which occurred for technical reasons.

 PSRA said: “The authority visited the Ibri station in order to take the necessary measures to start an investigation into the interruption of the main connected network. Based on the powers and tasks entrusted to the authority, the necessary measures will be taken to ensure that the licensed companies comply with the implementation of the recommendations that will result from the technical investigation.”

The authority confirms that the malfunction that occurred in the transmission network in the main connected network was due to a purely technical failure, which led to a power outage.

 It is worth mentioning that yesterday, a number of regions in the Sultanate witnessed a power outage from 1 pm until it was fully restored at 2:22 am.

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