ISWK invests Student Council members

MUSCAT : With profound zeal and ecstasy, ISWK invested its elected  Student Council members and Office Bearers for the academic  year 2022-2023 on 27th September 2022. To inculcate the  leadership qualities and empower the middle school students, this  year ISWK moved a step ahead by introducing the Junior Student  Council and Office Bearers at the middle school level. Dr. Aju  Samuel, Co-Founder of strategy consulting firm, the Performance  Factory, Chief Strategy Officer of Air Charter International,  fellow of the International Compliance Association, was the  Chief Guest at the stately Investiture Ceremony. Mr. Alkesh  Joshi, Honorary President of the School Management Committee,  Mr. D. N. Rao- Principal, Vice Principals and the parents were  present in the school multi-purpose hall on this solemn occasion.  The Chief Guest was ushered in with elaborate fanfare. After the  lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Chief Guest and other  dignitaries, the school western music choir offered a heartfelt  prayer song to invoke the Almighty’s blessings. 

The programme commenced with handing over of charge by the  previous year’s House In-charges to their newly appointed  forerunners. This was followed by the presentation of badges to  the members of the Student Head Council as well as the House  Office Bearers by the Honourable Chief Guest. The Chief Guest  conferred the Badge of Office on the Head Council members and  House Office Bearers of both senior as well as junior categories-

Master Lael Alva (Senior Head Boy), Miss Gayathri Hari (Senior  Head Girl), Master Aaron Jose Robin (Junior Head Boy), Miss  Mihika Nair (Junior Head Girl), Master Vardhan Dhat (Senior  Deputy Head Boy), Miss Benita Sara Thomas (Senior Deputy  Head Girl), Master Johann Gladson (Junior Deputy Head Boy),  Miss Sarah Khan (Junior Deputy Head Girl), Master Krishhang  Srivastava (Boy Sports Coordinator Senior), Miss Joanna  Varughese (Girl Sports Coordinator Senior), Master Ayush  Shetty (Boy Sports Coordinator Junior), Miss Yara Fathima (Girl  Sports Coordinator Junior), Master Furqan Jaazib (Boy Cultural  Coordinator Senior), Miss Ananya Prasad (Girl Cultural  Coordinator Senior), Master Adit H Menon (Boy Cultural  Coordinator Junior), Miss Tapasya Tilwani (Girl Cultural  Coordinator Junior), Master Ibrahim Mohammad (Boy Public  Relations Coordinator) and Miss Sienna Shibu (Girl Public  Relations Coordinator). The newly appointed Prefects of classes  6 to 12 were invested by the honorary President of the S.M.C, Mr.  Alkesh Joshi. 

In his address to the elected student body, Dr. Aju Samuel reminded them of their special status and the responsibility that  they would be required to shoulder. The Chief Guest reiterated  that the student leaders should impact the lives of the student  community. He emphasized on the need to remember the three  important points, ‘Aspiring Future, Engaging Stakeholders and  Promising Delivery’, which ought to be held close to their hearts throughout their lives. 

The Chief Guest’s inspirational speech was followed by the  formal ratification of the Oath of Office. In the presence of Dr. Aju Samuel, Mr. Alkesh Joshi and Mr. D. N. Rao, the Head Boy and the Head Girl of both the senior and junior categories ratified  the Oath as a symbol of acceptance of their duties and  responsibilities vested upon them. Donning their new roles as  student leaders, committed to lead from the front, one could feel  a new wave of enthusiasm surging within them.  

To mark the end of the solemn proceedings, the school’s  Hindustani choir captured the emotions of the Student Council in  the words of a vibrant song, ‘Ye Waqt Na Thahra Hai…Ye Waqt  Na Thahrega…Himmat Se Kaam Lenge Ghabrana Kaisa…’ The  programme concluded with the Hindustani choir’s rendition of  the National Anthem. The proud student leaders captured the  mood of the day with an elaborate photo session.

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