Khazaen Central Market for Vegetables and Fruits set to open by mid-2024

Muscat – Engineer Salem bin Sulaiman Al Dhuhli, CEO of Khazaen Economic City, stated that the Central Market – Silal – project is a key feature of the Food City and pointed out that it will be the largest and most modern market in the region, with total volume of development investments from the private sector reaching over RO 50 million.

The market, in its new form, is an international and local platform for marketing, distributing, storing, importing and re-exporting vegetables and fruits.
He stressed in a statement to the Oman News Agency that it is a national marketing window for local agricultural products, as it is established on an area of 500,000 square meters, with options for future expansion.
The new market (Silal) will also contribute to reducing lost or damaged fruits and vegetables, which currently amounts to approximately 30-35 percent. The new market also offers many investment opportunities for small and medium enterprises in the field of ground handling, the business center, various sales kiosks, and many more commercial opportunities, in addition to restoring the concept of agricultural marketing for local products.
He pointed out that the market includes several integrated facilities that support the food logistics sector, most notably central refrigeration, a wholesale market, dry warehouses, workshops for sorting vegetables and fruits, a platform for customs inspection, agricultural quarantine, a food safety laboratory, and places designated for selling and marketing local products and administrative offices for wholesalers.
He stressed that the market will contribute to achieving the food security strategy by attracting local and foreign investments in the food sector, in addition to improving the performance and quality of work in the vegetables and fruits sector. It will also provide integrated logistical solutions for central cold and dry storage to reduce the loss of vegetables and fruits and improve supply chains, in addition to creating direct marketing opportunities for the local product, Omani farmers, and local companies operating in the agricultural production sector.

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