Lecture reveals new archaeological discoveries in Oman’s coastal regions

MUSCAT : Along with groundbreaking discoveries from archaeological missions in Khor Rori, led by Dr Silvia Lischi from the Italian University of Pisa, the lecture offered a glimpse into Dhofar’s ancient past, shedding light on recent archaeological endeavours and unveiling remarkable findings.

Dr Silvia Lischi, the head of the archaeological mission in the Sumhuram Archaeological Park (Khor Rori), took centre stage during the event, delving into various topics ranging from the archaeological map of Dhofar to the latest endeavours of the archaeological project in the Khor Rori area. Through captivating visuals, Dr Lischi highlighted the results of surveys and excavations, offering intriguing insights into the historical landscape of Dhofar.

The newfound discoveries in the Khor Rori area were of particular significance, where recent surveys unearthed structures and walls dating back to different eras, spanning from the second century B.C. to the third century A.D. These findings, located outside the walls of the archaeological city of Sumharam, underscore the region’s rich archaeological heritage, with approximately 4,000 archaeological features identified within the scope of Sumhuram Archaeological Park.

The lecture also touched upon other archaeological endeavours across Dhofar Governorate, including discovering a rock adorned with historical inscriptions in the Tusnat district of Al Mazyona. These inscriptions, featuring ancient languages and intricate drawings of decorated boats, offer compelling evidence of past communications and interrelations with coastal communities.

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