Madha dams retain over 3 million cubic meters of rainwater in Oman

MUSCAT : During the recent weather conditions, the dams of Madha Wilayat in the Al Buraimi Governorate retained an impressive 3.3 million cubic meters of water, according to Engineer Zayed bin Khalifa Al Jabri, Head of the Department of Agricultural Development and Water Resources in the Wilayat of Madha.

Rainfall monitoring stations under the Directorate General of Agriculture and Water Resources in Al Buraimi Governorate recorded substantial rainfall amounts, impacting not only Al Buraimi but also several other governorates across the Sultanate.

Al Jabri reported that Madha Dam, Abu Qala Dam, Masah Dam, Haywan Dam, and Mesailik Dam collectively held 3.33 million cubic meters of water, while Al-Jawif Dam was closed as the overflow exceeded its capacity. Madha witnessed the highest rainfall among all wilayats in Oman, totaling 302 mm, with Buraimi and Al Sunaina recording 146 mm and 84 mm respectively.

The heavy rains resulted in the flow of all valleys and reefs in Mhdha, leading to the filling and flooding of all six dams in the state. The retained water will be utilized to benefit agricultural wealth by supporting groundwater reserves in areas with limited water availability, particularly during periods of drought.

Following the weather conditions, a comprehensive field visit was conducted to assess water retention levels, ensure dam safety, and compile necessary reports. Prior to the weather event, precautionary measures were taken, including emptying dams and closing all dam gates to prepare for incoming water quantities.

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