Majority of expats are in low-level professions, says Oman’s Labour Ministry official

Muscat – The Undersecretary highlighted during the panel discussion that around 90 percent of non-Omani workers are concentrated in low-skilled professions, as per recent statistics.

He also pointed out recent data, which showcased an increasing number of small and medium enterprises successfully employing Omani nationals, attributed in part to initiatives by the Ministry of Labour focused on job replacement through training programs.

As part of the Ramadhan Night, held under the theme ‘Dialogue Between the Three Production Parties to Regulate the Labour Market’, the panelists, including economic experts and labour market specialists, discussed the challenges and difficulties facing the private sector institutions within the labor market.
The meeting emphasised the pivotal role of collaboration among government entities, employers, and workers in maintaining stability within the country.

Central to the discussion was the notion that the government serves as a mediator, positioned equidistantly between employers and workers, ensuring fair regulation through the establishment of laws while actively seeking input from both sides.

A notable observation highlighted during the dialogue was the prevalence of Omani women in part-time roles within the sales sector of large commercial centers such as malls.

Moreover, concerns were raised regarding the problem of competitiveness between entities adhering to Omanization rates and those disregarding them, prompting the establishment of an inspection unit aimed at safeguarding Omani business owners from labor law violations by non-Omani workers.
The discussion also emphasized sectoral governance, placing the responsibility of annual job provision on the sectors or the ministry.

The dialogue underscored the importance of synergy among stakeholders in navigating the complexities of the labor market, ensuring equitable opportunities and sustainable growth for all involved parties.

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