Ministry launches project to enhance rose crop cultivation in Jabal Akhdar

Muscat – Financed by the Agricultural and Fisheries Development Fund with a budget of RO 150,000, the project is set to span two years, benefiting 15 local farmers.

The project aims to conduct a study to gather primary data on rose cultivation and associated industries in Jabal Akhdar. Collaborating with small and medium enterprises involved in rose-related activities, the initiative aims to expand the cultivation of local roses by supporting the cultivation of an additional five acres, in addition to supporting and introducing agricultural machinery and improving agricultural transactions by 50 percent.

Hanan bint Saeed Al Sulaimiyah, Executive Director of the Agricultural and Fisheries Development Fund, outlined the project’s goals, emphasizing the importance of revitalizing rose cultivation in the region. Efforts will include supporting institutions with machinery for extracting rose oil, revitalizing terraces for cultivation, and introducing agricultural mechanization.

To achieve these objectives, the project will begin with site inventorying and rehabilitation of designated agricultural areas. Additionally, farmers will receive support in the form of manual tillers and other necessary equipment tailored to the local environment.

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