Ministry of Information pavilion at Muscat Book Fair illuminates visitors on media sector’s vital role

MUSCAT : Operated through four distinct sections, the pavilion showcases the Ministry’s multifaceted contributions to the media sector. Each section offers a unique perspective on the Ministry’s initiatives, from archiving Oman’s developmental journey to promoting literary and artistic endeavours.

At the heart of the pavilion lies the Oman News Agency (ONA) section, where visitors are treated to a visual journey through the nation’s progress. Interactive screens and picture panels vividly portray Oman’s evolution, providing a compelling growth and development narrative.

The Directorate General of Publications and Artistic Works section is a treasure trove of literary gems featuring Ministry publications and works supported by the Ministry. This section celebrates Oman’s rich cultural heritage and academic achievements, from the latest releases to timeless classics.

For those embracing the digital age, the Directorate General of Electronic Media section introduces visitors to the innovative Ayn platform and media portal. With 39 electronic books and a wealth of visual, audio, and written content, this section invites exploration and discovery, encouraging visitors to immerse themselves in Omani literature and creativity.

As a tribute to a significant milestone, the fourth section of the pavilion pays homage to Nizwa Magazine, commemorating its 30th anniversary since its inception. Here, visitors can peruse various magazine editions and delve into a captivating short-film review, offering a glimpse into the magazine’s enduring legacy over three decades.

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