Ministry to extend attestation services in Oman embassies

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended the attestation services in Oman’s missions abroad too.
Last year, it announced that the existing attestation offices can ratify the transactions in all Oman’s governorates.

The Ministry provides a wide range of document attestation services for a fee and these services include: attestation of educational certificates, medical certificates, certificates of corporate project plans, certificates of use of military equipment, death certificates, and attestation of agencies, contracts and commercial invoices,
attestation of contracts, agencies and civil certificates.

The ministry provides the necessary services to citizens, foreign residents and companies when they need to ratify their various documents.

The Ministry also provides attestation services through the Sultanate of Oman’s missions abroad and through its offices in all Oman’s governorates.

The main office is situated at Muscat and has branches Rusayl, Khasab, Al Buraimi, Sohar, Nizwa, Sur and Salalah, where approximately 2000 to 15,000 are completed annually.

To facilitate its transactions and services, the ministry has sought to expand the consular services of the ministry through joint agreements with various authorities.

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn) in Rusayl, Raysut, Sohar, Buraimi, Nizwa, Samail, Sur and Al Mazyona is one such centre.

The ministry also signed another agreement with Oman Post which will provide consular services to citizens, residents and visitors through its branches located in the country. In future, it is also planning to digitalise more services.

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