More than 26,000 students offered seats by Unified Admission Centre

Muscat: A total of 26,170 students have been offered seats at the various educational institutions by the Unified Admission Centre and 16,345 students among them have already completed their registration process.

Giving details, Nada bint Mohammed Al Kiyomi, Director of the Department of Admission at the Unified Admission Centre said the results of first sorting was declared on 17 August and 26,170 students were informed about the allotment of seats at various educational institutions.

16,345 students have completed their registration procedures, she said. Around 24,000 students accepted the offers and communicated with various educational institutions.

The delay in registration process is ascribed to the time taken at various establishments, she said, adding that some institutions require more documents compared to others.

On registration for internships or scholarships abroad, she said the procedure is the same as each student would get an offer of one seat through the unified admission system, followed by the student’s acceptance of the offer and communication with the educational establishment where he/ she is accepted.

The number of scholarships abroad stands at 550 and students may choose the country and the university, she said.

She said the unified admission system offers the student one seat based on the student’s interest, she said, pointing to fact that the number of students applying through the unified admission centre exceeds the number of seats offered by the higher educational institutions and the internships and scholarships abroad.

As such, the unified admission centre distributed 95 percent of the available seats and the vacant seats would be offered to the students in the ‘waiting list’.

During the past few days, we have noticed a large number of students who have got high grades but have opted for specialisations that are in demand such as health and education and consequently, they could not get the desired seats.

Besides, some students had been offered seats far away from their places of residence, she said, adding that they have been offered the opportunity which would be available from 29 August 2022, ahead of the second sorting.

The seats for the second sorting are limited, she said advising all students who have been offered seats in the first round to accept the offers and complete the procedures at the respective higher education establishments.

The students who confirm their acceptance of the offer in the first round or through the service of “improper ranking of choices” cannot compete for the seats in the second round, she said.

We have also noticed a number of vacant seats at some vocational colleges in general, and in Salalah Vocational College in particular, as the number of applicants are lower than the  seats offered, she said.

The number of internships exceeded 90,000, the number of seats at the government educational institutions exceeded 15,000 and the number of scholarships abroad including these in brotherly countries, totaled 610 seats, she said.

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