MSX-listed companies highlight huge opportunities to businesses

Muscat: The two-day investor roadshow, promoting investment opportunities in Muscat Stock Exchange (MSX), that kicked off on Monday continued to witness a whole range of discussions and presentations on Tuesday as well.

The mega roadshow was attended by more than 300 participants representing financial organisations, banks and investment companies, as well as managers from different parts of the world, besides representatives from Oman’s capital market, investors and financial brokerage companies.

The conference was aimed to attract investments and to boost initial public offering opportunities and development of the corporate sector.

The conference focused on many mega companies listed in Muscat Stock Exchange which presented details of their future public offerings.

The conference also reviewed the main features of Oman Vision 2040 and the exit-plan for Oman Investment Authority (OIA) and other companies.

On Tuesday Investor Roadshow included several panel discussions by companies listed on the MSX. They provided visual presentations of the companies that are expected to be in the exit-plan of the OIA.

These companies include Majis Industrial Services Company, Abraaj Energy Company, OQ Group’s gas pipeline network and a real estate fund.

Speaking to Hasan Abdulamir Shaban, General Manager of National Bank of Oman (NBO) stressed in an interview with Times of Oman’s sisterly publication Al Shabiba about the significance of such conferences.

He said that the participation of NBO comes as strategic patronage within the NBO’s belief in the role the Capital Market Authority (CMA) plays in attraction of investment and promotion of national companies.

The conference also aimed to acquaint the participants with the investment environment in the Sultanate, mainly during the past two years, he added.

The NBO had participated by  presenting a working paper in the presence of a number of investors and CEOs of banks and mega companies listed with Muscat Stock Exchange. The meetings were also held with investors from the AGCC States and the Middle East countries.

Speaking regarding the relation and integration between MSX and the banking sector, the GM of NBO said that  one of the key elements of Oman Vision 2040 is the partnership between the public sector and the private sector and the integration of role between the banking and investment sectors and Muscat Stock Exchange.

He also pointed to the robust trading of MSX- listed shares with and  several of the mega companies that are interested in investment in the capital market on account of the good revenue on investment and the stable financial condition in the Sultanate.

There were key challenges during the past years due to the concerns of local, regional and international investors in investing in the Sultanate, however, following the upgrade of the Sultanate’s credit rating the percentage of investors interested in investing in the Sultanate has improved, he said.

Strategic investors seeking long -term investments is due the their confidence on companies to achieve targeted profits, he said.

“This is reflected in the performance of banks as many banks reported strong results in the first half of 2022 and expect to finish the year with better results,” he added.  The amendment of the legislations and laws and the presence of MSX play a key role in attraction of investments, he said.

“Such conferences and meetings are of great advantage to the Sultanate of Oman as they provide the opportunities obtainment of the opinion of investors besides the development of laws and legislations, “ he added. This gives the investors the confidence in the securities market, he added.

MSX expects that the ease of legislations would help attract more investments and would contribute to the investors’ taking the right decisions, he said pointing to that all such legislations and laws give MSX the opportunity to play a grater role in terms of attraction of investments and promotion of Omani companies. 

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