Musandam’s breakwater project nears completion, boosting fisheries sector in Oman

MUSCAT : Under the guidance of Khalifa bin Ali Al Shehhi, Director of the Fish Wealth Department at the Directorate General of Agriculture, Fish, and Water Resources in Musandam Governorate, the project has surged to an impressive 80 per cent completion rate, propelled by a total investment of RO 2.5 million.

Al Shehhi delineated the project’s multifaceted objectives, emphasizing its role in combating sand accumulation caused by water currents while providing a shield against tumultuous waves, thereby safeguarding the livelihoods of local fishermen. Beyond mere protection, the initiative aims to streamline fish landing operations and cultivate an inviting ambience conducive to the flourishing of the fishing profession.

Comprising an array of essential infrastructural components, including main and secondary peninsulas, sheds, warehouses, boat slips, and service facilities, the project embodies a holistic approach to bolstering the fisheries sector’s infrastructure. In Ghumma, the leading marine breakwater spans 203 meters, complemented by a secondary breakwater of 67 meters, encompassing a port basin spanning 12,155 square meters. Similarly, in Al Jari, the primary breakwater stretches 124 meters, alongside a secondary counterpart spanning 41 meters, with a port basin area spanning 3,173 square meters.

Anticipated to reach fruition within the first half of the year, the project holds promise in revitalizing fish landing areas and fostering an environment conducive to the aspirations of Omani fishermen.

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