Muscat governor visits Al Amerat

MUSCAT: Sayyid Saud bin Hilal Al Busaidi, Governor of Muscat, visited the wilayat of Amerat to get first hand information on completed and work in progress of upcoming projects.

The governor and team also watched a visual presentation by specialists at the General Directorate of Muscat Municipality in Al Amerat, which included the implemented projects, developed commercial area in the sixth phase, the Al-Mahaj walkway and other road projects.

The presentation also included the projects being implemented like internal road projects and water treatment projects in 121 sites, of which 92 have been completed, and the public walkway project in the fourth phase, which is 1200 meters long and includes a 5-meter-wide walking path and another bike path. A 3-meter-wide aerial project, in addition to a median afforestation area with a width of two meters along the walkway, and the project to prepare the vendor site at Al-Amerat Al-Thaniyah Heights, which includes many facilities with paving operations amounting to 5,181 square meters, as well as the project to prepare the site for the sale of local products.

Future projects include several areas, including paving roads, preparing other sites for vendors, developing Al Amerat Park, linking and duplicating some roads, paving parking spaces in a number of sites, and developing some residential and commercial neighborhoods. The visual presentation also touched on the challenges it faces.

Sayyid Saud bin Hilal Al Busaidi also paid a field visit to a number of sites in the wilayat including commercial area in Al-Mahaj and on the vision prepared for the development of the area apart from the fourth walkway which is nearing completion, the project to prepare the yard for selling local products in the third region, which has recently begun, and internal road projects in parts of the state.

He also visited the driving yard in the fifth region and the proposal for its development, in addition to a visit to the industrial area of Attiya, and many modern housing schemes that witness housing growth and the need for various services in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The Governor of Muscat was accompanied by Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Hamidi, Chairman of Muscat Municipality, in the presence of Wali of Al Amerat, the Engineer Director General of Muscat Municipality in Al Amerat, his deputy, and a number of municipality specialists.

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