Muscat Municipality announces move of wholesale fruit and vegetable trade to new Khazaen market

MUSCAT : This announcement coincides with the permanent closure of shops at Al Mawaleh Central Market.

Premises at the current Mawaleh Market will be handed over to tenants who will operate restaurants, cafes, sorting warehouses, dry stores, and commercial shops, facilitating the necessary technical preparations for the upcoming operations.

Plans also include the allocation of units for the wholesale market cold store, central cold storage, onion shed, potato shed, and administrative offices to tenants by June 9. Additionally, the One-Stop Inspection Platform will be initiated on June 22 at Silal.

To incentivize early engagement, tenants of the cold stores will receive reduced rental values for the first contract year and an extended exemption period from rent, provided contracts are signed before May 20. Companies leasing commercial units at Silal are requested to provide necessary documentation for identification and operational purposes.

The new market at Khazaen Economic City promises enhanced facilities such as cold and dry stores, wholesale halls, truck sales areas, and agricultural inspection zones, aligning with evolving industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Silal will feature dedicated spaces for truck sales, onion and potato sales, agricultural inspections, and laboratory testing. It will also contribute to reducing lost or damaged fruits and vegetables, which currently amounts to approximately 30-35 percent.

Besides, the new market offers many investment opportunities for small and medium enterprises in the field of ground handling, the business center, various sales kiosks, and many more commercial opportunities, in addition to restoring the concept of agricultural marketing for local products.

The market features several integrated facilities that support the food logistics sector, most notably central refrigeration, a wholesale market, dry warehouses, workshops for sorting vegetables and fruits, a platform for customs inspection, agricultural quarantine, a food safety laboratory, and places designated for selling and marketing local products and administrative offices for wholesalers.

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