Muscat Municipality launches walkway project in Al Amerat

MUSCAT: To boost citizens’ health and encourage fitness levels, the Muscat Municipality has launched a project of 1.2km  walkway at phase 4 in Al Nahdha city in the wilayat of Al Amerat in Muscat.

The Al Amerat project is the third after Al Muhajj and Linear Park walkways  established earlier

The project – includes a track exclusively for bicycle riders with a width of 3 metres apart from the walkway with a width of 5m –  is part of Muscat Municipality’s efforts to humanise cities and implement service projects that meet the standards of modern urban cities.

For night users, the walkway and the cycling track will be lit by 70 lighting poles and there will be designated parking lots and space for mobile vendors The project is an attempt to develop public spaces that will promote sports and physical health as well as to beautify the area, according to a Municipality statement.

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