OCCI seeks nominations for elections

Muscat: As part of preparations of polls for the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), the elections committee has opened the doors for candidates seeking membership of the boards of OCCI and its branches in the governorates.

The date for nominations  will be effective from Sunday, 25 September 2022 to Thursday 29 September via the website of OCCI (www.omanchamber.om).

This announcement came during a meeting held at the premises of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, chaired by Dr. Saleh bin Said bin Salim Masan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion for commerce and industry and chairman of OCCI Elections Committee.

The committee reviewed the elections action plan for the term 2022/2026, the release of the primary list of voters following expiry of the term set for registration on 6 October 2022 as per the Notice No. (1). The committee will release the initial list of candidates following expiry of the term set for submission of candidacy applications on 29 September 2022 in accordance with Notice No. (2).

The committee discussed formation of panels of OCCI branches necessary for elections and supervision on the works of such committee and the mechanism for voting which shall be through electronic system.

The committee also discussed the date proposed for voting which shall be set following completion of all preparations necessary for elections.

According to the Notice No. (2), the candidate for the membership of theBoard of OCCI and the Boards of the branches in the governorate for the term 2022/2026 shall be Omani national with an exception of the candidates of public joint stock companies listed with Muscat Stock Exchange (MSX) and foreign investors with investors’ residence. The candidate shall be a holder of bachelors’ degree or with an experience in doing business in the private sector for not less than ten years and with membership of OCCI for not less than five years.

The candidate shall also be aged not less than thirty and with good conduct and reputation. The candidate shall not be an employee in any of the units of the administrative apparatus of the State and other public legal persons among other terms and conditions.

The elections shall be under the supervision of the elections committee of OCCI and the committees of the branches of OCCI in the governorates, provided that five members shall be selected from among those registered with the OCCI to represent Muscat Governorate, five members to represent each branch of OCCI registered with the branches of OCCI in the governorate and five members to represent the public joint stock companies to be elected from the public joint stock companies registered with Muscat Stock Exchange to represent the companies in the board of OCCI and one member to represent foreign investors to be elected from among the foreign investors having investment residence to represent then in the OCCI Board of Directors.

The committee urges all companies and establishments to update their details as to exercise their rights in election of the candidates for the Board of OCCI and the Boards of the branches of OCCI in the governorates.

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