Oman adds 23 new model farms worth over RO 1 million to boost food security and tourism

Muscat: Valued at over RO 1 million, these farms represent a significant step towards enhancing food security, boosting local agriculture, and attracting tourism in Oman.

The Ministry of Agricultural Wealth, Fisheries and Water Resources spearheaded this initiative, aiming to develop integrated technical packages that include modern irrigation systems, the cultivation of suitable crop varieties, and advanced horticultural practices. Additionally, these model farms feature manufacturing units to optimize the use of tree fruits and establish tourist complexes, creating a dual-purpose approach to agriculture and tourism.

Engineer Amer bin Humaid Al Shibli, Director General of Agricultural Wealth, Fisheries and Water Resources in the South Al Batinah Governorate, highlighted that the primary objective of these model farms is to bolster Oman’s food security system. They achieve this by employing cutting-edge agricultural technologies, expanding green areas, and increasing the variety and volume of locally grown fruits in the market.

The model farms focus on producing high-quality local agricultural varieties, such as mangoes and grapes, adhering to the Ministry’s productivity and sustainable development standards. To qualify for model farm status, projects must align with food security goals, offer employment for Omani youth, and contribute to reducing the demand for imports.

Engineer Al Shibli emphasized the Ministry’s comprehensive support, including providing usufruct land, facilitating legal procedures, and offering guidance through regular field visits and seasonal agricultural schedules. Furthermore, some sectors receive additional support, such as electricity subsidies to enhance productivity.

In a promising development, ten new applications for model farms have been submitted through the “Development” platform, representing ongoing efforts to strengthen food security. Several model farms have already commenced production, marking a successful start to this ambitious agricultural and economic project.

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