Oman advocates anti-corruption efforts at the Arab Convention

Muscat: His Excellency Sheikh Ghosn bin Hilal Al-Alawi, leading Oman’s delegation at the conference, reaffirmed the nation’s unwavering support for the Palestinian people. He emphasized Oman’s dedication to seeking justice, peace, and stability in the region, condemning violence against innocent civilians and advocating for a just and lasting resolution to restore comprehensive peace.

Highlighting Oman’s role in fostering Arab cooperation, His Excellency Sheikh Ghosn emphasized the importance of sharing experiences among Arab countries. He stressed the impact of such collaboration on achieving development goals at local and regional levels, including implementing initiatives stemming from the Arab Anti-Corruption Agreement.

Since joining the United Nations Convention against Corruption in 2013, Oman has prioritized anti-corruption measures and accountability in public affairs. Sheikh Ghosn highlighted Oman’s National Plan to Enhance Integrity 2022-2030, which integrates international best practices and aims to combat corruption effectively.

The conference agenda included discussions centred on reviewing the General Secretariat’s report on implementing decisions from previous sessions. This included assessments of progress made and recommendations for optimal implementation of anti-corruption measures within Arab nations.

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