Oman announces tender for purchase of government vehicles

MUSCAT: The General Secretariat of the Tender Board (GSTB) announced the launch of the first unified tender for the purchase of government vehicles.

Through this tender, the GSTB aims to enhance efficiency to meet government needs of vehicles and improve and speed up attrition procedures.

One of the advantages is the ease and efficiency of government procurement, as the government agencies benefiting from the framework contract will be satisfied with issuing local purchase orders. There will be no need for the government entity that uses the framework contract to repeat the series of attrition and contracting procedures, as this is guaranteed by the expected framework contract.

This will allow better management of purchasing operations for this category of needs.

The contract will be based on framework contract/contracts valid for an agreed period of time, and the contract will be signed by the GSRB and the supplier/suppliers, after coordination with the relevant authorities. There will be a continuous review by the GSTB represented by the General Directorate For Government Procurement to update the government vehicle procurement in accordance with best practices.

The Governmental Procurement Directorate is based on the principle of “quantum economy” so that data is collected electronically for the relevant needs and the similar nature received from various civil government agencies for the purpose of procurement.

The directorate’s competency is represented in activating the unified procurement management, benefiting from quantitative economies, and reducing the volume of current expenditures on government procurement.

The directorate is concerned with the strategic role of unified government procurement for the categories (vehicles, utilities and information technology) as a first stage, by conducting research and studies, developing policies, procedures and systems, and transferring knowledge that ensure achieving the best purchasing results and practices at the national level.

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