Oman based SWIFTmfi founder wins Legacy Award in UK

Muscat – Gobhanu Korisepati, the founder of Sustaining Women in Financial Turmoil (SWIFTmfi), received the award from Crown Prince William of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, and earned an online message of congratulations from Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

Korisepati is one of 20 exceptional young leaders worldwide, selected for their visionary contributions to society.

Expressing his gratitude upon receiving the honour, Korisepati emphasized the collective effort and resilience of the communities served by SWIFTmfi. He underscored the importance of the award, stating, “Being recognized with the Legacy Award is not just a personal achievement but a celebration of the collective effort and resilience of the communities we serve. It inspires me to continue working towards a world where opportunity is not a privilege but a right accessible to all. To be recognised as a part of the Late Princess Diana’s legacy is an honour that transcends individual accolades, embodying the essence of compassion, philanthropy, and a tireless commitment to improving the lives of others.”

The Legacy Award, associated with the late Princess Diana’s enduring legacy, also grants Korisepati access to the Legacy Award Development Programme. This program offers tailored support to further his social action projects, including a grant from the UK-based charity. Additionally, Korisepati will have opportunities to attend events with potential partners and receive guidance from the Diana Award Team, aimed at enhancing his capacity for innovation, leadership, and social change.

As SWIFTmfi continues to advance its mission under Korisepati’s leadership, this recognition serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, encouraging young people worldwide to take action for social good in the spirit of Princess Diana’s enduring legacy.

SWIFTmfi is the world’s largest youth microfinance institution committed to providing sustainable financial services to underserved communities worldwide. Founded by Gobhanu Korisepati in 2019, SWIFTmfi aims to empower individuals and small businesses by offering innovative financial products and services that foster economic growth and inclusivity for those who are most vulnerable.

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