Oman celebrates International Museum Day, highlighting education and research

Muscat: This year’s theme, “Museums for Education and Research,” underscores the essential role of museums in promoting learning and discovery.

The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism reported that Oman boasts 11 government museums and 19 licensed private heritage houses. In 2023, the Natural History Museum attracted 16,957 visitors, the Fateh Al-Khair Center saw 10,790 visitors, and the Land of Frankincense Museum welcomed 8,679 visitors.

To mark International Museum Day, Oman will host various events, seminars, and workshops across its governorates. These activities aim to highlight museums as dynamic educational institutions that enhance cultural awareness and understanding.

Museums worldwide will also engage in events and exhibitions, focusing on sustainable development goals such as quality education and innovation. The Ministry’s efforts align with the Oman 2040 vision, emphasizing museums’ roles in preserving cultural heritage and supporting local communities.

Notable projects include upgrading the Frankincense Land Museum, developing museum exhibition halls in castles and forts, and supporting private museums facing operational challenges. The Ministry is also establishing the Maritime History Museum, which will showcase Oman’s rich maritime legacy.

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