Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry delegation’s Singapore visit sparks commercial collaborations

SINGAPORE: The delegation’s visit was strategically planned as part of the chamber’s broader strategy to explore global economic experiences and expertise. This particular visit to Singapore aimed to tap into the city-state’s vibrant business environment, understand its legal framework for businesses, and explore avenues for supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Engineer Hussein bin Abdul Hussein, a board member of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, highlighted the importance of Singapore’s economy as a major global market, particularly as a gateway to the Association of East Asian Countries (ASEAN). This positioning presents a valuable opportunity for Omani products to access Singapore and wider ASEAN markets.

During the visit, members of the delegation engaged in fruitful discussions with Singaporean counterparts, focusing on potential investments, commercial partnerships, and knowledge exchange. Kaleem bin Mohammed Al-Yaqoubi, a committee member at the chamber, emphasized the exploration of renewable energy, facilities management, vital buildings, and sustainability technologies as areas of mutual interest.

Khalid bin Abdullah Al Hosani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tatronic Middle East, described the visit as positive. He highlighted Singapore’s expertise in developing business environments and supporting local companies, especially SMEs. He noted that Singapore’s significant import reliance opens doors for Omani products in the Singaporean market, underscoring the need for strategic commercial partnerships.

Dr Amjad bin Amer Al Dhahli, another chamber member, emphasized the delegation’s focus on learning from Singapore’s experiences in various sectors, including the digital economy, artificial intelligence, logistics, SMEs, and food security. The visit facilitated insights into industrial innovation, modern technologies in logistics and agriculture, and achieving renewable energy balance with environmental sustainability.

Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Hassan Al Shehhi, CEO of Arkan for Research, Development, and Innovation, highlighted the delegation’s engagements with Singaporean government agencies, commercial institutions, and industry leaders. Collaborations were forged with entities like the Singapore Federation of Industry and Trade and Vedasti, specializing in business accelerators and agricultural innovation.

Moreover, the visit extended into real estate, entrepreneurship, and SME support mechanisms. Abdullah bin Sabeel Al Balushi, focusing on real estate, noted agreements with Singaporean firms for expertise exchange and potential partnerships. Tayseer bin Mabrouk Al Mughairi delved into Singapore’s classification and support mechanisms for institutions, crucial for Oman’s economic backbone.

Kholoud bint Ahmed Al Hosaniyah and Mohammed bin Hassan Al-Bahrani, entrepreneurs in the delegation, echoed the sentiment of success and learning, particularly in commercial entrepreneurship and SME sectors, acknowledging Singapore’s robust industry and logistics markets as ripe for joint ventures and investments.

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