Oman exerts considerable efforts to address climate change

MUSCAT : The Sultanate of Oman has accorded a great attention to address the phenomenon of climate change, which poses challenges to the whole world. The departments concerned in Oman shoulder their part of the responsibility to manage global warming.

Oman is currently updating climate affairs management regulations to keep pace with local and international developments. The regulation aims to monitor the performance of companies and establishments tasked with climate affairs, either by moderating or adapting to climate change.

Steps are underway to devise a climate change legislation in cooperation with the departments concerned, so that this statute could serve as a regulatory code for drafting general provisions about climate affairs in all sectors of development in Oman.

Preliminary steps include drafting the National Strategy for alleviation and adaptation to climate change. This serves as a springboard for action plans and projects across all sectors.

The preparation of a database to follow up the realization of nationally-determined contributions has been among measures undertaken by Oman towards compliance with the proportion of emissions as of the year 2030 by an envisaged 7% reduction of emissions. A database has also been formed to enumerate all projects on adapting with climate change in Oman. This is in addition to the preparation of a greenhouse gases database for basic sectors—which facilitates the annual emissions control process.

Among efficient endeavours, a technical team of specialists has been formed, comprising representatives from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), public sector establishments and private sector firms. The team operates under the purview of the Ministerial Committee for Climate Change and Ozone Layer Protection. The panel proposes and executes policies and plans of action to alleviate greenhouse gas emissions and contain their negative impacts in line with Oman Vision 2040.

The Ministerial Committee also contributes to determining the Sultanate of Oman’s stand on issues discussed as part of negotiations and meetings of countries that are party to climate affairs agreements and protocols. It follows up the implementation of recommendations that stem from meetings. The committee also ensures Oman’s commitment to the said agreements and the country’s preparation of national studies on climate change and ozone layer protection, besides reviewing other studies and reports in accordance with the agreements’ dictates.

The national committee strives to spread awareness about climate change and its impacts on different sectors. It trains national personnel and builds capacities in the field of climate change and ozone layer protection. It drafts progress reports and proposes ways to enhance coordination among the departments concerned to remove obstacles that might impede progress.

The orientation panel is an offshoot of the Ministerial Committee and it supervises the progress of work of technical teams, which include the Climate Change Alleviation Team, the Climate Change Adaptation Team, the Funding, Technology and Capacity Building Team, the Media Team, the Ozone Layer Protection Team and the Technical Negotiation Team.

Oman participated in many international conferences and events related to climate change. These included the COP Operating Entity of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This coincided with Kyoto Protocol and the Conference of the Parties to the Paris Agreement on Change.

Oman will also take part in the Twenty-seventh Conference of the Parties to climate change pacts (Cop27), scheduled to be held in Egypt from 6 to 18 November 2022. This reflects the positive role of Oman at a global level.

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