Oman hosts UN ESCWA meeting to advance social protection systems

MUSCAT : Held in the capital city of Muscat, the gathering convened under the esteemed patronage of Her Excellency Laila bint Ahmed bin Awadh Al Najar, Minister of Social Development, marking a pivotal moment in Oman’s commitment to enhancing social services and care programs for its citizens.

Over two days, the meeting served as a forum for experts to delve into the intricacies of Oman’s progressive legislation, comprehensive services, and robust protection frameworks designed to cater to diverse segments of society. With a focus on information dissemination and knowledge exchange, the event aimed to equip specialists from the Ministry of Social Development with the tools and expertise needed to navigate the realm of international reporting, data analysis, strategic planning, and legislative drafting.

The agenda unfolded with the presentation of several substantive working papers, each shedding light on key facets of social protection in Oman. The first paper delved into the intricacies of child protection services, addressing critical topics such as legislation, ethical considerations, and the operational dynamics of various specialized departments tasked with safeguarding vulnerable children and families. Discussions also encompassed initiatives like Dar Al-Wefaq, aimed at fortifying family protection strategies and coordinating efforts with relevant stakeholders.

Another focal point was the provision of essential care and support services for the elderly, highlighting Oman’s meticulous approach to defining and addressing the needs of this demographic. From legislative frameworks to practical assistance programs, the second working paper underscored Oman’s commitment to ensuring the well-being and dignity of its elderly citizens through a multifaceted support system encompassing financial aid, home care initiatives, and specialized assistance programs.

The third paper delved into the comprehensive spectrum of initiatives to safeguard families and individuals. From cash transfer programs to employment support and empowerment initiatives, Oman’s social protection framework emerged as a holistic ecosystem designed to foster resilience and inclusion across various strata of society.

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