Oman pioneers sustainable growth through creative industries

MUSCAT : Creative industries serve as the bedrock of societal advancement and economic prosperity, and Oman is poised to harness their transformative power. By leveraging strategic initiatives encompassing culture, sports, media, identity, and civilization, Oman seeks to elevate its status on the world stage while safeguarding its rich heritage for future generations.

Abdul Rahman bin Saeed Al Maskari, head of the editorial department at Nizwa Magazine, underscores the importance of sustainability in documentary filmmaking. He cites the production of “House of Wonders” as a testament to Oman’s deep cultural roots.

Maryam bint Nasser Al-Kharbushi, Director of the Cultural Identity Department at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, champions the creation of cultural events and programs as a means of exporting Oman’s cultural identity.

Nihad bint Ali Al-Hadiyah, a doctoral student in creative industries, emphasizes the importance of viewing culture as a soft power capable of shaping international perceptions and fostering economic growth.

Idris bin Khamis Al Nabhani, Vice President of the Al-Din Theater Troupe for Culture and Art, underscores theatre’s pivotal role in promoting cultural tourism and driving economic growth. Through captivating performances and innovative productions, Oman aims to attract visitors worldwide, enriching its cultural tapestry and stimulating economic activity.

Muzna Al-Musafir, a director, advocates for a holistic approach to sustainability in the cinematic sector, emphasizing continuous support and investment in artistic endeavours. By fostering a thriving creative ecosystem, Oman aims to produce cinematic works that resonate with audiences worldwide, enhancing its soft power and cultural influence.

Hani bin Abdulaziz Al Kindi, CEO of Jabal Al Hajar Hotels and Resorts, highlights the importance of preserving Oman’s tangible heritage while embracing modernity. Through initiatives such as rehabilitating Muttrah Fort, Oman seeks to balance preserving its historical legacy and fostering economic development.

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