Oman Post retains top spot in global EMS Performance Awards

Muscat – Oman’s first place ranking at the EMS Performance Awards for the second consecutive year showcases the consistent trajectory of growth that Oman Post has successfully pioneered over the past years. Additionally, the Sultanate of Oman ranked second in the Customer Care Awards, highlighting Oman Post’s client-centric approach to modern postal service and its focus on integrated services and exceptional customer experience.

The EMS Performance Awards is an annual event that aims to recognize and reward outstanding performance in Express Mail Service (EMS). The prestigious awards are organized by the EMS Global Delivery Network, an international postal Express Mail Service for documents and merchandise offered by UPU postal operators connecting 175 countries and territories worldwide.

The evolution of express mail services in Oman into a world-class postal solution has been remarkable, and its international recognition reflects Oman Post’s success in creating a competitive, state-of-the-art solution that adapts to global changes and meets the needs of different customers.
Oman Post’s EMS is a last-mile express postal solution that complies with international best standards and allows the external transfer of mail and parcels within three to ten days.

The EMS offering includes priority mail delivery for documents and merchandise, with the option to send and receive packages from post offices or customer premises to provide optimized customer experience and maximum convenience. Oman Post, supported by the largest last-mile coverage network worldwide, currently serves customers in over 190 countries and territories worldwide, ensuring reliable, secure and efficient delivery.

Commenting on retaining the first spot in EMS Performance, Badar Mohammed Al Nadabi, Chairman of Oman Post and Asyad Express Board of Directors said: “Maintaining our global lead in EMS performance for the second year in a row clearly shows Oman Post and Asyad Group’s successful business development strategies and unwavering commitment to consistency, reliability and quality. As a global integrated logistics provider, Asyad Group is keen on delivering world-class services throughout its logistics ecosystem, and this dual international recognition credited to its postal arm for both EMS performance and customer care shows that we are offering, and will continue to offer, the best and most competitive solutions in the global market.”

Expressing similar sentiments, Sheikh Ibrahim Sultan Al Hosni, Acting CEO of Oman Post and Asyad Express, said: “We are immensely proud of securing the top spot globally for service level for the second consecutive year. Retaining Oman’s global ranking at the top of EMS performance underpins the results of the long journey of transformation and growth that we have undertaken at Oman Post. Our rise to second place in EMS Customer Care is yet another testament not only to our institutional approach but also to the hard work of our talented team.”

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