Oman SATS Cargo achieves record-breaking cargo handling milestone

Muscat: This remarkable achievement marks the highest monthly cargo volume managed by the company since the post-COVID-19 era, reflecting a robust recovery and a significant stride in its logistical capabilities.

The surge in cargo handling can be attributed to the company’s aggressive sales promotion initiatives aimed at boosting the export of perishable products such as chillies, mushrooms, and beans. These initiatives have targeted key international markets, including Japan, Italy, France, Paris, and London, contributing substantially to the increased tonnage recorded during the month.

In a significant move to support local agriculture and fisheries sectors, Oman SATS has also announced a 50% discount on export handling charges for all perishable shipments. This generous discount underscores the company’s commitment to bolstering the Omani economy by enhancing the competitiveness of its local products on the global stage.

Sheikh Aimen Alhosni, Chairman of Oman SATS, stated, “This milestone is not just a testament to the cargo facilities at Muscat International Airport, or Oman Sats operational capacity but also a clear indication of our dedication to supporting the Sultanate’s economic diversification strategy. By facilitating easier access to international markets for our local produce, we are laying down the groundwork for sustainable economic growth.

Mr. ST Tang, Managing Director of Oman SATS, added, “The record-breaking performance this month is a clear indicator of the effectiveness of our strategic initiatives. Our focus on enhancing service quality and offering significant incentives for perishable product exports has not only benefited our clients but has also contributed to the local economy by supporting Oman’s agriculture and fisheries sectors.

Oman SATS Cargo continues to play an important role in enhancing Oman’s position as a key logistical hub in the region, driven by innovation, strategic partnerships, and a deep-rooted commitment to excellence.

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