Oman to launch space entrepreneurship program

Muscat – The five-day training course, scheduled for June 9-13, will equip participants with the skills needed to navigate the exciting world of space ventures.

Designed for local startups, SMEs, government employees, and job seekers, the workshop will cover a range of topics critical to space entrepreneurship, including technical aspects of space projects, entrepreneurship in the space industry, business models, project planning and execution, space project management, and the future of space exploration.

Registration is open for Omani candidates who are specialized or interested in the field of project management and entrepreneurship in the field of space. The participant must be committed to completing the program within the specified period.

This broader initiative by MoTCIT and Code Academy aims to build Oman’s capacity in the space sector, aligning with the recently launched National Executive Space Programme.

It aims to refine the skills of beneficiaries in the field of space project management, qualify small and medium enterprises operating in the sector and provide beneficiaries with practical skills in pace entrepreneurship.

The initiative builds on previous successful programs, including training courses on utilizing satellite data in disaster management and applying AI in spatial mapping.

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