Oman to mark ‘World Intellectual Property Day’ on April 26

MUSCAT : The Sultanate of Oman celebrates this day as a channel to support innovative minds and encourage scientific research in the field of intellectual property; to create a network of national scientific competencies in the field of intellectual property; and to exchange experiences and knowledge on intellectual property issues in various fields.

The World Intellectual Property Day was launched by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to raise awareness and focus on the importance of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, patents and designs, industrial copyright and geographical indications.

This year’s celebration comes under the slogan ‘Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity.’ It celebrates the ‘can do’ attitude of women inventors, creators and entrepreneurs worldwide, as well as their ground-breaking work.

On this occasion, H.E. Dr. Saleh bin Saeed Musen, Undersecretary for Commerce and Industry at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, stated that Omani women have received ample attention and care, and have been given the opportunity and support to actively participate in various activities in different sectors and specializations.

He noted that Omani women – entrepreneurs, inventors, creators and researchers in various fields – have been praised by various international organizations for their pioneering achievements and their various innovative projects at the national and global levels.

He explained that the total number of applications for ‘national and international’ trademarks (Madrid Protocol), national and international patents (PCT system), copyright and related rights, and industrial designs and models that were filed with the National Intellectual Property Department amounted to about 12,448 applications during the year 2022, compared with 11,811 applications submitted during the year 2021 – an increase of 5.4%.

The total number of applications for trademark registration reached about 11,562, while the number of patent applications reached 725; the number of copyright applications reached 144, and industrial designs was 17.

The Undersecretary indicated that the Ministry has embarked on preparing a national strategy for intellectual property within the framework of institutional communication and cooperation through a technical team representing the authorities concerned with intellectual property.

The systematic national framework will aim to establish an effective national system, based on management of intellectual property, enforcement of its laws, and generation of assets with the wealth owned by the Sultanate of Oman, represented in intellectual capital and literary and artistic works, traditional knowledge and genetic and biological assets and innovations in various scientific fields.

He also indicated that the Ministry has reduced its fees for 28 services provided by the National Intellectual Property Department for students and researchers, and 29 services for small enterprises to develop this sector and encourage innovators and inventors, while facilitating procedures for registering their applications. The rate of fee reduction is approximately 90% for students of schools, colleges and universities and researchers in research centers, and 50% for small enterprises, including a request for filing a patent, an internal patent examination request, patent certificate, transfer of ownership, waiver and renewal of a deposit, utility model certificate service, utility model certificate application, industrial design registration application, and one-time access to application history.

He also stressed that the Sultanate of Oman supports and encourages all groups of innovators, inventors, and those interested in this sector, and that intellectual property is an enabling tool that contributes to transforming ideas and innovations into successful commercial projects that achieve the goals of comprehensive development in the country by increasing income, diversifying production, and providing job opportunities.

The Ministry, in cooperation with the Omani Association for Intellectual Property and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), will organize an event on Wednesday, May 17th, to focus on the achievements made during the past and the measures taken by the Sultanate of Oman in encouraging innovators and the role of women and their contributions to innovations and inventions.

The Omani Association for Intellectual Property seeks to familiarize all segments of society with intellectual property rights and to spread awareness for workers in the government and private sectors, universities, schools, business owners, companies, factories, inventors and all segments of society and in all scientific and literary fields and disciplines. It also seeks to communicate with community institutions and individuals to answer any related inquiries.

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