Oman TV to telecast diverse programmes during Ramadan

MUSCAT: Ibrahim bin Salem Al Salmi, Director General of Oman TV, said in a statement to the Oman News Agency that the diversity in television programmes during the blessed month of Ramadan aims to enrich content and meet the aspirations and tastes of the audiences, while attracting larger number of viewers locally and in the Arab world.
‘Before One’ is among the main programs that will be shown on Oman TV, and it will appear on the screen for the second year in a row. Directed by Saeed bin Taman Al-Omari, it is a talk show that receives guests from various segments of society, and includes a cultural competition.

Another programme that will be presented during the season is ‘Noor’; conceived and prepared by Muhannad Al-Aqous and Basma Al-Khatriya and directed by Aisha Al-Balushi. It is a quiz show for children, which also includes interactive sessions with participants sharing video clips of them posing as little reporters in their wilayats.

Other programmes include: ‘Feena Al Khair’, conceptualised by Nawal Bint Mukhtar Al Hajariyah and directed by Ibrahim Al Shuraiqi, is structured to contribute to charitable works and establish a culture of volunteering and giving in various fields; ‘We Make an Impact’, in cooperation with the Youth Center, is a program that reviews models of youth initiatives for volunteer work, with the aim of highlighting the role of youth in society; ‘Awafi’ comes with a new look this year and reflects on the Omani environment, as it is filmed in front of the Darbat waterfalls – it also provides recipes in addition to tips related to the world of cooking; ‘Minhaj’ aims to consolidate the concepts of a peaceful upbringing and is concerned with the family by presenting related topics; ‘Markets’, directed by Amer Al-Rawas, is a programme that explores traditional markets of Oman, such as the Sinaw Market, Sohar Market, Rustaq Market and others, with the aim of presenting stories from these markets through personalities that have influenced those places over the years; ‘Mina and Fina’ series, written by Youssef Al-Haj and Issam Al-Zadjali and directed by Aref Al-Taweel, highlights educational differences between old generation and the new, electronic bullying, medical appointments, loss of employment, fictitious companies and other related issues; and ‘Tayebat’, prepared and presented by Dr. Zainab Al Muhammad and directed by Aisha Al Balushi, is a healthy nutritional program that focuses on healthy eating habits, and the way to adhere to them as a way of life.

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