Oman unveils tourism packages for Sur, the Arab Tourism Capital 2024

Muscat – This announcement coincides with Oman’s participation in the Arabian Travel Market, the Middle East’s largest tourism exhibition, currently underway in Dubai.

Dr. Walid El Hennawy, Assistant Secretary-General for Events and Media at the Arab Tourism Organization, expressed his optimism for Sur’s success in attracting tourists this year. He highlighted the city’s unique appeal, particularly its marine and environmental tourism offerings. He also emphasized the positive trajectory of Oman’s tourism sector, crediting it to the tireless efforts of stakeholders.
He anticipates a significant increase in tourist arrivals in the coming period, citing historical trends where cities holding the Arab Tourism Capital title have witnessed a surge exceeding 50 percent compared to previous years.

The Ministry, in collaboration with the National Travel Operator (Visit Oman), unveiled a series of tourism packages designed to showcase Sur’s diverse attractions. This initiative builds upon previous efforts to promote Sur as the Arab Tourism Capital 2024.

Sajida bint Rashid Al Ghaithiya, Director of the Tourism Marketing Department at the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, emphasized the significance of these packages. They are readily available for booking on Visit Oman’s promotional website, which features a user-friendly system for booking accommodation and tours. Tourists can choose from a variety of options, catering to a range of interests and preferences.
Furthermore, Visit Oman and Oman Airports signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Emirates Airlines at the Arabian Travel Market. This collaboration aims to promote Oman’s tourism packages across Emirates’ global network of destinations.

Shabib bin Mohammed Al Mamari, Director General of Visit Oman, explained that the agreement seeks to identify potential tourist markets and develop specialized programs with Emirates Airlines. These programs will include travel tickets, curated tourist experiences, and hotel stays in Oman. Additionally, the parties will collaborate on the most effective marketing strategies to launch a targeted campaign aimed at attracting a substantial number of travelers and travel agencies.

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